Museum for everyone! Come along with the little ones to discover the masterpieces of the National Roman Museum.

14 September 2020

It’s nice to go to the National Roman Museum … but what if you can’t actually go there?

If you can’t go, then the Museum comes to you! With the Museum for everyone project.

From your home — wherever it may be — and whenever you want … with Museum for everyone you can play, have fun, color-in, draw, cut out, paste, learn, discover, break down and recompose, observe and even eat on it!

Museum for everyone is made specifically for you and your friends and the great thing is that you can also use it at the Museum too!!!

You can buy the 24 Museum-for-everyone placemats, to play with. It is promoted by the MNR Educational Service and created by PICO Publications.

On sale at the Palazzo Altemps bookshop.

You can also find it from:
Ottimomassimo Librerie per ragazzi (Children’s bookshop)
Explora – il Museo dei Bambini di Roma (Museum for children in Rome)