Educational activities

Il Museo parla con TE

In 2019, the Museum introduced ‘Il Museo parla con TE’, a cycle of workshops for hearing-impaired children aged between 6 and 11 years. The project has been made possible thanks to the agreement concluded between the National Roman Museum and the Italian National Agency for the Deaf (ENS), and is designed to make the educational activities offered by the National Roman Museum at the Palazzo Altemps site accessible for hearing-impaired people. The activities are conceived and developed by the personnel from the Educational Service and are implemented with the participation of hearing-impaired educators specifically trained by the Museum. Under this agreement, the National Roman Museum, in cooperation with the Department of Education and Research, has also promoted an awareness training course on the subject of sign language and hearing-impaired culture by the ENS with the support of the Group for the Study of Italian Sign Language, intended for educators in the principal museums and archaeological sites in Rome and its surrounding areas.

Important notice

All of the educational activities organised by entities other than the National Roman Museum must be notified and agreed in advance with the Educational Service in writing with appropriate advance notice:

In partnership with Coopculture

The National Roman Museum’s Educational Service undertakes numerous activities in cooperation with Coopculture. The programmes proposed by Coopculture, developed specifically for each of the Museum’s four sites, are aimed at the various groups that use the Museum, providing a varied range of services including guided visits, workshops for adults and families, summer camps and specific activities for schools.

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The Educational Service of the National Roman Museum guarantees visitors with special needs the opportunity to visit the Museum at its best.