The Bollettino di Numismatica

A specialist journal published by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiC) created in 1983 in order to provide a tool for publishing information about the country’s numismatic heritage, the Bollettino di Numismatica includes a Traditional Series covering materials originating from excavations, finds or major collections, a Studies and Research series for publication of dissertations with historical numismatic, artistic and monetary content (conference proceedings, exhibition catalogues, monographic studies, etc.), and a series on Materials, providing detailed easy-access catalogues of numismatic or related materials held in public collections.

In its capacity as the highest public institution in the sector, the National Museum of Rome’s Coin and Medal Collection has made its extremely extensive collections accessible to ensure that they can be used as much as possible through widespread publication.

All copies of the Bollettino di Numismatica in both the Materials and Studies and Research series can be downloaded free from the website, while the most recent numbers (from No 34/35) of the Traditional Series can be downloaded in pdf form, and the Museum is working back through the series to acquire all of the others online.

The National Museum of Rome’s Coin and Medal Collection is also where the Editorial Office of the Bollettino di Numismatica has its base and operations. This Office undertakes scientific, technical and editorial activities intended to put together, edit and authenticate the volumes.


c/o Coin and Medal Collection of the National Museum of Rome

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

Piazza dei Cinquecento 67, 00185 ROME (Italy)

Director: Daniela Porro

Editor in Chief and Coordinator of the Editorial Team: Gabriella Angeli Bufalini