The Educational Options offered by the National Roman Museum’s Educational Service each year are rich and diverse, and offered at no cost to schoolchildren of all levels and grades, from kindergarten to secondary school.

Educational activities, workshops and soft skills and guidance teaching options are designed as opportunities for individual growth but also as moments for experiencing and interacting with the history of the local area.

Opportunities for training, study and entertainment are the tools used not only to promote an understanding of the Museum’s cultural heritage but also to experience the Museum as an active and engaging place.

All workshops are intended to enable full scholastic and social inclusion and they are therefore accessible to students with motor, visual and cognitive disabilities.

Learning activities

Important notice

All of the educational activities organised by entities other than the National Roman Museum must be notified and agreed in advance with the Educational Service in writing with appropriate advance notice:

In partnership with Coopculture

The National Roman Museum’s Educational Service undertakes numerous activities in cooperation with Coopculture. The programmes proposed by Coopculture, developed specifically for each of the Museum’s four sites, are aimed at the various groups that use the Museum, providing a varied range of services including guided visits, workshops for adults and families, summer camps and specific activities for schools.

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The Educational Service of the National Roman Museum guarantees visitors with special needs the opportunity to visit the Museum at its best.