Inventory and catalogue department

The Inventory and Catalogue Department performs functions and tasks associated with inventorying and cataloguing of the archaeological, historical and artistic pieces held by the National Roman Museum, in line with the objectives and strategies pursued by the Museum and in accordance with the relevant Ministerial provisions.

The Department is responsible for the following in particular:

  • completing inventories of the movable pieces of archaeological, historical and artistic value held by the Museum, including keeping computerised inventory records. For archaeological works, the Department is responsible for entering the relevant inventory data into the SIGECweb platform using the MINP 4.00 form (Heritage Inventory Module);
  • cataloguing the Museum’s movable archaeological, historical and artistic pieces;
  • fulfilling the economic reporting requirements for movable pieces considered to be immovable for inventory purposes, through completion of 15 CG forms;
  • managing relationships with the Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation (ICCD);
  • managing the Catalogue Archive, held at the Palazzo Massimo, and ensuring the protection, conservation and promotion of the documents and data;
  • coordinating, promoting and performing digitisation and computerisation activities for handwritten documents in the Catalogue Archive;
  • guaranteeing access to the Archive by the public by appointment, offering support for consultation by users from both inside and outside the Museum;
  • responding to requests for information from scholars about the mobile archaeological pieces held by the Museum on the basis of the documents held in the Archive.

tel. +39 06 68485179